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Stress takes its toll on Diabetes

Are you under stress? Silly question I know as most people feel under a great deal of stress these days. Day-to-day stress can have a harmful effect on diabetes. Here’s how…

Most stress hormones are produced in the adrenal glands (little glands that sit on top of your kidneys) and they put your blood sugar up.
Acts on the liver to produce glucose or sugar. This is to provide energy for ‘fight or flight’
This is our chronic stress hormone. It also acts on the liver to produce glucose. It makes fat and muscle cells resistant to insulin as well. This means your blood sugar will rise and you might need to take more medication. It also makes it harder to break down fat for energy and lose weight.
Stress also affects other parts of the body such as raising your blood pressure.

So what can we do?
Well, sometimes we can’t do much about the stressors themselves. Out mortgage needs paid, our relationship has gone sour, sometimes we get sick. However, we can change the way we approach problems and the effect it has on us.
1) Stop worrying. Most of the things we fret about never happen, so stop focusing on the worst case scenario
2) Write down your biggest problem and make a list of possible solutions, then work out which solution you will choose. Just seeing multiple solutions will help calm you down
3) Be aware when you are in a stressed out state. Most of us run on adrenaline all the time. We’re rushing about getting upset about minor things and always feeling that we’re just one step away from losing it completely. Do quick body check- are you shaking, sweating, rushing when there is no need, irritable?
4) Slow down. When you feel yourself in a stressed out state. Stop for 10 mins and do some relaxation or deep breathing. Candle mediation is great and there are some great free online candle meditations.
5) Seek help if you can’t manage the situation or your emotions

Stress is the enemy of good diabetes control and encourages sugar cravings. Managing your stress well will help keep your diabetes on an even keel.