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How does it work?
The success of the Cleopatra’s Secret ‘Boost Your Libido’ Program is that it treats your lack of libido in a holistic way. Its not just a hormone problem, but a complex web of brain chemicals, hormones, energy and vitality. Cleopatra was a beautiful, sensual woman who wooed great men including her most famous lover, the roman general Mark Anthony. She certainly knew what would make her libido sing with Ancient Egyptian herbs, exotic Eastern spices and daily beauty rituals such as bathing in milk and honey.
Cleopatra’s Secret is designed to tackle all of these issues and bring you back to the way you used to feel – vital, fresh and re-energised. So we’re going to channel your inner goddess to bring Cleopatra to life again in you.
We tackle fatigue, lethargy, low sex-drive, poor orgasms, weight gain, stress and anxiety. Its all based on the science of what we know about libido and how it works without medication, pills, potions or powders.

Who is the Cleopatra’s Secret for?
This program is for any woman, whatever age, who feels that the life has gone out of her sex-drive. It encompasses everything you need to know about how to get back your libido and enjoy a fantastic sex-life again. You don’t to spend countless hours in the gym getting fit or take hormones that you don’t really want to take. Its all healthy and natural.

Who is Dr Shirley MD?
Dr Shirley MD is a Medical Doctor and Professor, who runs health and nutritional programs for various common health problems. She is an expert in women’s health and mental health problems, international author of many books and is head of the International Association of Health and Nutrition Coaches. She has appeared on TV, in print media and regularly does speaking engagements at workshops and other public venues. Her aim is to help women understand and take back control of their health as naturally as possible.

What are the typical results for your program?
As a doctor, Dr Shirley MD is not allowed to release any testimonials, however the feedback she has been getting from patients on these programs is such that she firmly believes most people will achieve an improvement in their libido with this program. The evidence from the many, many women she has helped is that this system works and is the best approach to recover your libido and sexual drive.

What if it doesn’t work for me?
That’s an easy one. If you are not completely satisfied with this program or your experience for any reason whatsoever, simply send us an email within 30 calendar days of purchase and we will issue a no -questions asked refund. If you received any books, you may simply return the product anytime within the 30 days of your purchase and you’ll receive a full, no questions asked refund (less shipping and handling).

What support resources do you offer Cleopatra’s Secret Boost Your Libido clients?
We offer customer support via our email help desk at You can also book a telephone or Skype consult with Dr Shirley MD, if you want further information or testing. With Dr Shirley MD’s team, we never want you to feel alone and we do everything we can to make sure you’re fully supported every step of the way in this program.

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