Brain Health

Artificial Sweeteners Provoke Memory Loss If you reach for diet sodas to help perk you up in that afternoon dip or to get you going in the morning, you might want to think again. Side-effects of artificial sweeteners A recent…

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Weight Loss

Lose your Gut with the right Probiotics   Now’s the time of year when many people want to get rid of those extra Xmas kilos. There’s plenty of advice to go round about what foods are good and what to…

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Kid’s Health

Nits and Head Lice At this time of year, nits and head lice start to appear again. They are the bane of mums of school age children. A good hard frost generally gets rid of head lice during the winter…

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Brain Function Linked To Gut Health

Brain function linked to gut health

New research just published confirms that gut health boosts your brain power. Early human studies suggest that altering the gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria or probiotics, can lead to changes in brain function, as well as improvements in mood. It’s…

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