3 Planted Out

Hurray! The organic veggie patch has been planted!

3 planted out

The veggie patch has been planted. In goes the broccoli and kale, spinach and herbs – basil, chives, coriander, parsley and mint. Peas are going at the back as well as ginger and turmeric. There’s a selection of greens – Asian greens, rocket and lettuce.  All I need to do now is water it daily and watch it grow. It’s going to be fun as well as interesting  to see what does well and what needs some encouragement.

I’m also excited to see if I can cast off my plant murdering history and grow some green fingers. Anyone else hopeless at looking after plants? My main problem with plants is not spending enough time with them. I’m always dashing off to do something else important. So now I’m making a new rule – take time to smell the roses – and the herbs!

Next week, we’ll see how the seedlings are growing and whether we get any pests or other problems. Keeping the dogs away from the patch might be an issue.  We need to cut down some of the palm fronds so that the seedlings get enough sunlight during winter.  Anyway, time to get watering…

Talk soon

Dr Shirley