Weight Loss

Lose your Gut with the right Probiotics


Now’s the time of year when many people want to get rid of those extra Xmas kilos. There’s plenty of advice to go round about what foods are good and what to avoid. So much so that many people get confused and just give up.

But here’s a little tip that just might get you the extra mile down the road to a healthy weight.

We now know that gut health and in particular the right balance of bowel bacteria are crucial for how we break down food in the gut and extract calories from them. Certain types of bacteria are more common in overweight people and can upset the balance of your gut biome. This causes inflammation throughout the body and encourages weight gain.

So while healthy eating is paramount to losing weight permanently, adding in a good quality probiotic will balance up your gut bacteria and give you an extra boost in the right direction.

Remember you cannot lose fat by exercise alone, you eat to eat good quality food too. In the next few months, I will be blogging about what’s really good food for losing the flab and never putting it back on again.

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