Dr Shirley MD’s ‘Weight Loss for Life’ program

It’s now spring and you’re ready to start by tackling your weight once and for all
Like me, I bet you’ve tried everything – every fad diet, every detox and product under the sun. Sure, you’ve lost a few kilos here and there, but nothing has stuck.

So here’s 5 good reasons why you need this ‘Weight Loss for Life Program’ to get to the weight you want and stay there permanently. This is the only method you’ll ever need because once you use this program, you’ll never go back to weight gain again. You’ll have everything you need to stay at your healthy and happy size for good.

Reason #1     You can have your ideal weight

Without starving, without lots of expensive products and without going to the gym. I’ve done all the research and put all the latest science together so that this program has it all – the best of controlled carbs, the best of intermittent fasting, the best of ketogenesis so that you get success! Its worked for me and it will work for you too.

Reason #2     You have a toxic problem

Did you know that toxicity from mould is a very common problem with weight gain? The toxins hide in your fat cells and your body won’t let them out so that they don’t harm your vital organs. At the same time, the mould biotoxins affect your appetite making you hungry all the time. So you can’t lose weight at all until you detox from all the mould or other toxins. There are many toxins called obesogens which can also cause a similar problem. Until you treat the toxins, your body won’t let go of the fat.

Reason #3     It’s not your fault

My research has shown me that first of all our genetics plays a strong part in whether you struggle with obesity or not.
Also what happened when you were a fetus was important too. Being exposed to too many carbs at this point can make you put on weight with carbs later in life. It can also switch on your appetite hormones, so that you’re always hungry.

Mitochondria – the battery pack of the cell

Mitochondria are at the heart of permanent weight loss. These little battery packs are what make energy and burn calories. When they burn mostly carbs, its like trying to make a camp fire with just newspaper. It burns out quickly. Fat burning is like a proper camp fire with logs. We need to train your mitochondria to burn fat for energy thus burning up your fat stores.
But processed foods clog up your mitochondria too. So we need to get rid of the bad foods and replace them with great, nutritious healthy foods. You know deep down this is the only way to get healthy and get slim.

Many overweight people also have a sluggish thyroid because they are short of the right vitamins and minerals. Also continuously dieting and doing extreme regimes ruins the metabolism. It knocks out your mitochondria so that you burn less calories and feel tired and sluggish.

I know what this is like
You see, as a busy doctor, I have always struggled with my weight. And I’ve tried everything in the past. I was always hungry, always ready to eat. And if that’s your problem too, then I’ve worked out a few cool ways we can fix that.

And now I know all the latest science and tried all the techniques, I know what works and I’ve put all the best into this program, so we can share all the benefits with you too.

Reason #4     Your suspicions were right

Going to the gym doesn’t necessarily mean weight loss. I’ve many patients who go to the gym at least 5 times per week, and then they say- ‘I still can’t lose weight!’ Its because they are not doing the right kind of exercise. High intensity exercise is not the most efficient for weight loss, so running on the treadmill and pump classes are not that great for weight loss.

What does work is long bouts of low intensity like brisk walks and then high intensity intervals. But the intervals have to be just right. Don’t be fooled by classes where the interval is only 10 seconds between exercises. This is not interval training or HITT. The interval must be at least 1 minute and maybe even more.

In this program, we show you how to exercise right for weight loss without a gym or equipment. So it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Reason #5     You don’t need to waste money on products

The weight loss industry wants you to keep paying up for products, gym memberships, shakes etc and hope you never lose weight. Let’s face it, if all this stuff worked we’d all be skinny by now, right? These companies don’t really want you to succeed, do they? Then, they’d be out of business.

How many times have a you bought a 30-day shake program and replacement meals and it didn’t make any difference? Because these programs never address the real problem with your weight – your metabolism.

Feel Alive

So take a deep breath and relax…
By tackling all the reasons why your body is not working properly, we can fix your metabolism for good, so that you never need another weight loss product again.

Now I know some of you are looking for the quick fix. The ‘take these pills and the weight will fall off’ Well I’m afraid, this program won’t suit you. (Come on. Deep down, you know the quick fixes are just that – they only work for a short time, ruin your metabolism and you end up heavier than before- that’s why you’re back again this year for another go).

This program is only for people who are serious about getting to their ideal weight – doing it the right way and doing it for ever!

Choose right…

If you’re looking to do it right, lose weight, get healthy, feel revitalised and energetic, ready for anything, then we can do this together
By signing on you’ll get:

√  A toxicity removal program to ditch those bio-toxins for good
  6 week eating program which you can use over and over
  Over 50 videos of recipes and information
  Motivational exercises and tips to help you succeed – see Dr Shirley’s unique Flow training
  Support from our team by email and phone
A program that you can use the rest of your life, that will keep you healthy; approved by an accredited practising dietician and a nutritional doctor, so that’s it’s well balanced, nutritious and satisfying every day of the year…

Sign on below and change your life for good…

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