What is Leptin Resistance?

This happens when the Appetite Center┬áin your brain does not work properly. It does not switch your appetite off, even when you’ve just eaten.

So your appetite is on full throttle all the time. Even when you’ve just eaten a big meal and your stomach feels full and stretched like a balloon your brain is telling you, you can still eat! Its crazy…

Why does it happen?

Now there are a few reasons why this happens, sometimes its toxins from poor quality processed food or BPA – (a chemical used in plastic bottles), sometimes it’s sugar, sometimes it can be toxins from something weird and wacky like mold growing in your home – (yes, some people can’t tolerate this).

But whatever the reason, the end result is the same. Your brain is inflamed and your hypothalamus, (the part of the your brain that houses your appetite center) just doesn’t function right.

Your fat stores make Leptin to turn off your appetite

When you start putting on the pounds, your fat stores are meant to send a message to your brain using Leptin – a hormone, saying ‘Enough already, we don’t need any more calories.’

Your brain can’t hear the Leptin

But the inflamed brain can’t hear the Leptin, so it doesn’t respond. You then keep on eating because the message to stop eating is not being heard.

Its like a fuzzy radio signal – just lots of static.

So your body stores make more and more Leptin but still with no result. Its like your body is calling out for help, but nobody can hear it.

What’s the end result?