Welcome to the ‘Free yourself from Mold’ Course

This course is designed to give you all the information you need to decide if you have mold illness and what you can do about it

“I hope you get great benefit from this course, like I did. I really want to help people understand what happens when some of us come into contact with mold, how we can fix it and then protect ourselves and our families from this debilitating illness.

Take care”

Dr Shirley MD


There are 5 videos covering all aspects of Mold and CIRS.

Watch each video in turn

1) What is Mold and Mold Illness or CIRS?






2) What are the symptoms of Mold Illness






3) How we Test for Mold Illness






4) Detecting Mold in Your Home






5) Treatment for Mold Illness






If you want to take it further and have a consultation with Dr Shirley

email us at info@drshirleymd.com to arrange an appointment and find out costs of the consult, testing and treatment


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