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Don’t let fatigue slow you down. You can fix it today…

dreamstime_sad woman     Are you burnt out?

If you have some of the problems below you could have adrenal fatigue

1) Can’t get out of bed in the morning. That’s not like you

2) Wake up after a good night’s sleep but still feel tired?

3) Instead of bouncing out of bed, ready to face the day, you need to drag yourself up and get dressed slowly

4) You need several cups of coffee to get you going

5) By lunchtime you feel OK, but by mid-afternoon you’re starting to flag again. By 6 o’clock you’re beat

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6) You can’t cope with extra stress anymore. Stress used to make you feel alive and you ran all day on adrenaline. Now you feel ready to crack, if one more problem lands on your desk

7) If you exercise, you have little tolerance for endurance and it takes longer to recover from a long ride or run

8) You find it difficult to fully relax. Sometimes it takes a few drinks, a sleeping tablet or benzos. When you do relax you fall asleep

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9) You find yourself dozing off at the wheel, when you’re working on a project, or even having micro-sleeps during meetings etc

10) You have difficulty concentrating and your brain feels foggy

11) Your libido is non-existent

You know something ain’t right, but you don’t have time to go and see someone about it

Now you have access to

Adrenal Fatigue Testing Online

by Integrative Doctor

Prof Dr Shirley Mcilvenny

Dr Shirley practices at Natural Vibrant Health on the Gold Coast, QLD and specializes in adrenal fatigue, thyroid health, mental health issues and addiction. She is also CEO of the Food Coach Institute, a nutrition training company. She passionately believes that eating the right food and taking care of your body is the key to great health.

Dr Shirley was previously Professor of Education in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond University, QLD and before that she was Professor of General Practice/Family Medicine.

Are you an executive?

‘I know exactly how you feel, as I have been through the same problem. We drive ourselves on and on, as executives we know the buck stops with us, so we have no alternative but to keep working, even when we know we need to rest. But rest is for wimps, right?Dr Shirley

Are you a small business owner?

With small business owners, the problem is even worse. Many business owners work 7 days a week just to keep the business going – and holidays. What are they?

Are you driven and competitive?

You might be a driven personality, always pushing yourself to do more, achieve more. Well, believe me, Superman and Superwoman are fictional characters. You can only be them for a short number of years and then you crash. We are not designed to be superheroes throughout life. And I have seen this time and time again in my practice. So many people end up with chronic fatigue because they have pushed themselves until the batteries are empty. Then it takes years to recover….

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Whatever your reasons, if you want to find out your Adrenal Health and status, Dr Shirley can offer you a complete testing service online, so you can quickly order from the office or from the comfort of your own home.

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What you’ll get with our online testing

  • The testing kit express-mailed to your home or postal address
  • A complete saliva adrenal function testing kit with request form using Nutripath Laboratory and full instructions
  • A comprehensive report featuring a graph plotting your cortisol levels throughout the day as well as your DHEA levels.
  • A personal report from Dr Shirley analysing the results and giving you personalised advice about what to do next.
  • After the test is performed, you then have the opportunity to fix your problem.

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Free yourself from Adrenal Fatigue

To fix your flagging adrenals, you have  several great opportunities open to you…

1) See Dr Shirley personally by booking an appointment with her at Natural Vibrant Health, Robina, Gold Coast on 07 5562 5333. Natural Vibrant Health is only 15 minutes from Coolangatta airport, and 5 mins from the Pacific Highway (see clinic details here).

2) Arrange a Skype or telephone consult with Dr Shirley, if you can’t make it in person to the Gold Coast

3) Get access to Dr Shirley’s webinar/podcast series outlining what the treatment should be and what you should do to fix your adrenal fatigue. This will give you all the management protocols to get you back to health as well as prevent you going back to adrenal fatigue ever again.

4) Follow-up with repeat testing at a discounted price to make sure you have recovered

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We guarantee:

  • A quick and easy online ordering service from anywhere in Australia or NZ
  • Complete confidentiality – no-one will see your results, except Dr Shirley and the administrative staff at the clinic
  • A timely process – as soon as your results and your report are ready we will scan them and send them straight back to you
  • A follow-up process, so you are clear what to do next. We can even refer you to a local practitioner who can follow up on your treatment, with our recommendation

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Take control of your health today

‘By taking this action today, you are protecting your health and well-being not just for today, but for your future physical health, mental health and work-life too.’

Dr S

Prof Dr Shirley Mcilvenny MD, MBBCh, FRCGP(UK), FRACGP

Contact Dr Shirley at:


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