Recipe: Simple Salad dressing

This very simple dressing is great for using on salads or with veggies sticks as a snack.

Making your own dressing is so easy and is much more healthy than supermarket dressings. They’re made with cheap oil that’s been highly processed plus lots of added sugar. It’s going to make more inflammation in your body. Whereas if you buy good quality olive oil, it will help your body with calming anti-inflammatory Omega 6. Your body is worth it to spend a little bit more on a quality product.

1 tablespoon extra virgin organic olive oil
Juice 1 lemon

Mix ingredients together in jar or cup

Season with Celtic sea salt and black pepper

Optional extras:
Add a little finely chopped garlic, fresh chopped herbs like basil, a few mustard seeds, a few drops of hot sauce or chili flakes.

You can easily bring this to work and keep at your desk, to drizzle on your lunch salad. Most salad bars use processed dressings which are full of sugar and bad oils.

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